The Hamsa Hand Explained

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hamsa hand

According to archaeological evidence, in ancient biblical cultures, amulets were very common. In addition to the hanging amulets or other kinds of magic amulets were common and were used by people to protect themselves from bad energies, injuries, evil and also to attract good luck.

There are many kinds of talismans, today the amulets are becoming too popular. Among which we can highlight “Jamsa’s hand”

It is also known as the hand of Fatima, it is a hand-shaped symbol that is popular throughout North Africa and the Middle East. It is usually known as a symbol of protection and is used as a defense by Jews and Muslims.

What is your story?

The use of jamsa, whose Arabic word means “five” has been documented for a long time. I feel used as an amulet by the Carthaginians since 820 AD. C. Later I pass as amulet to the Berbers and the Maghreb. Which gave him the meaning of protection, authority, strength and power. Thus, several cultures such as Jewish and Arab adopted it as jamsa and as an independent motive.

What is the symbolism of the hand of Fatima?

According to the symbolism of jamsa it is formed by a hand with five fingers which has in the center the well-known “middle finger”. Each of the cultures that use it gave a different meaning to it. The Islam religion states that the relationship between the 5 fingers is the 5 pillars of Islam.

Instead the Jews say that its meaning comes from the pentateuch, the famous five books of the Torah. Although in reality the symbol, it is not related to either religion or culture.

The meaning of the symbol according to many changes when it is positioned up or down. According to many upwards, it means strength, power and blessing and is used against the evil eye protecting the person who carries it, and that is why many of the people who use it call it “The protective hand of Fatima.”

Instead, the meaning of the hand changes when it is rotated down, since it is said that the hand changes completely, attracting love and patience, receiving the name from the community as “The hand of luck.”

Why is it named Fatima?

The story of Fatima tells that her husband, whose name was Ali, while Fatima was preparing dinner, brought a concubine home.

So he had great pain in his heart, it is said that she suffered in such a way that he was not able to perceive his physical pain, cutting off his hand and burning it. After that Ali realized his mistake and devoted himself completely to Fatima.

Many of the girls who belong to that religious current believe or assure that having an amulet of that category will help them to have patience, peace, fortune and wealth.

The hand of Fatima is also used to ward off all those negative things that are around you, since it is said that it has the eye of God in its center, thus clearing every path of evil and danger so that you can travel safely.

What do they use Fatima’s hand for?

Judaism and Islam still preserve the folk motif of the hand, where some call it jamsa and others call it “The hand of God”

For some other people, Jamsa is something decorative and they don’t see the true value of a talisman or a miraculous medal. They simply compare it poorly to the ability of a horseshoe or a rabbit’s foot assuming it will bring them good luck.

Beyond that, Jamsa really does not have a defined religion group, it simply constitutes an expression or desire in general for those who wear it and it could be said that it would be “May God see you and bless you / protect you.” All this results in one of its knowledge that is “The hand of God”

In contemporary societies, jamsa works as a folkloric memory of your trip, it is usually acquired by tourists from different parts of the world without knowledge of how special this amulet / talisman is. Something you might not know is that some organizations working for peace in the Middle East have decided together to adopt the symbol of the hand of Fatima as a conciliatory symbol based on the fact that cultures and religions coincide in some way by this means.

So in conclusion we could say that the hand of Fatima is one of the most significant symbols of the entire Middle East, in addition to many of the people who have it do not know its true meaning and do not appreciate it. That is why it is important to know what each of these amulets that are considered superstitions are for, but what if it is true?