Evil Eye Rings

Evil Eye Curse

The ring, sometimes known as a ring is one of the most used clothing by the human being, this allows to decorate the fingers of the hands of women; This is made up of three fundamental parts, such as the hoop, the chaton that is the more or less flat part and the gem or gemstone.

The ring is normally used as an ornament of the hand in all kinds of people, from rich and poor, to men and women and it all started from the ancient Egyptian empire. Formerly materials such as gold, silver, bronze and iron were used. Although with the passage of time and the arrival of new technologies it has been possible to advance from its general form to its aesthetics.

In the Middle Ages it was common for rings to be decorated by objects that belonged to civilizations such as the Greeks or the Romans. These pieces were known as something “perfect” before them since they were made in such a way that the manual work was so detailed.

Society in general has given exceptional value to the use of clothing in the human body, since in this way they can receive something called “class and beauty” Normally since its creation it was directly related to the Egyptians and their desire for perfection to eye attraction.

Initially the pieces of silver and bronze that were used in Egypt were used thanks to the belief that they had a direct relationship with the gods of heaven. In this way the person who used these jewels was said to have great faith for the cause of the gods.

The ring has been related to themes such as love and gifts in addition to cultures and beliefs. The ring is used as a symbolic object for love. In this way many times or most times in today’s society, men give their partners the promise that they will fulfill values ​​such as love, fidelity, support and honesty.

As I said before, clothing and accessories have a certain relationship with the cultures of each country or region since the beginning of time. One of the beliefs on which he relies heavily is the famous “evil eye.”

This belief indicates that a person is capable of doing wrong through his eyes, since the old belief indicates that people through his sight, apart from having the famous “door to the soul” really show who he is. A person can easily lie in his words, in his deeds and in his behavior but in a very outdated way his real desires are seen in his gaze. Backed by one part of the population, it is said that the person who feels jealous within himself, envies of another, through his eyes is capable of damaging the plans of the other.

evil eye ring

At first in countries like Mexico it was believed that only people called “witches” could do this. Then it was discovered that the people who were commonly told to have a strong look had this gift.

Protection ring better known as the hand of Fatima: This is a complement widely used by people as it represents a story full of suspense, love and especially with a very confusing moral.

Thanks to this story (which we mentioned earlier here) it has been known that Fatima’s hand protects people and helps them to have better patience.

evil eye protection

This is perhaps the most relevant and used of all. Since it has great support for people who follow this belief.

Its beginnings were in Turkey but then thanks to the worldwide expansion that the belief had it was renamed in Greece. This eye has different colors since according to many it has different characteristics but never moving away from the main objective that is to protect the person from bad vibes, from the evil eye and in some way influence the behavior of the same to be controlled and not have these bad attitudes.